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Clueless Mama Gets a Clue: Clue #1

Taking a shower: not rocket science, right? Well it sort of is when your two year old's abandonment complex kicks into full gear the minute you close the shower curtain. I turn on the water and immediately Sadie starts howling like I'm blowing her frozen kisses from the dirty window of a train bound for the Gulag.

Recently I discovered that if I tell her I'll get out of the shower as soon as she finishes counting to ten, she won't cry. But that makes one of us. Having to soap up, shampoo your hair, and then wash out your conditioner ("massage into hair and rinse after 3 minutes") in 10 seconds flat is about as satisfying as eating a veggie burger that hasn't fully defrosted.

Today I discovered the answer: Sadie sits on the bathroom floor on her booster seat and, using the toilet as her desk, *reads* her favorite books to me. This way she has a captive audience for "Curious George Goes to the Train Station," "Goodnight Moon," and "The Night Kitchen," and I get to leave my conditioner in for the suggested amount of time. Everyone is happy.

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Hot wheels

Tessa, overdressed!

Hey mom, winter's over...ease up on the layers!

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